Have Fun Workout While In The Sun. – Dallas Extreme Weight Loss | Examiner.com


Also try to find some grassy areas to work out on. The hard concrete will radiate more heat making it extremely hot for you and your workout. Exercise in the rain: It’s so exhilarating to feel a little sprinkle on your skin while out for a run or bike ride. If it’s thundering and lightening, head home quick; you don’t want to be out running in an electrical storm. Use unpredictable timing in your workouts: Summertime isn’t the best time to push yourself, so if you can only handle 10 minutes at a time, do what you can, or exercise twice in one day. Slow down your pace: If you’re set on getting in a 30-minute workout, move with less intensity or do intervals to fitness avoid overheating. Remember it’s OK to take breaks too. Head indoors: Now is a good time to take advantage of a monthly membership at an air-conditioned gym.
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