Gold’s Gym Orlando In Dr Phillips And Soldier Work Together With Dads Against Down Syndrome

However, Jarrod did not immediately have Max Workouts program visions of hanging that brand new television on his wall to enjoy for when he returns from active duty. Jarrod and his family could not wait to donate this incredible prize to Dads Against Down Syndrome (D.A.D.S.) for a charity auction to raise money to help the Down Syndrome cause. “This was amazing to us,” said Pleasant Lewis, owner of five Gold’s Gym Locations in Central Florida. “Here’s a guy who’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of his own life to protect our freedom as a soldier, but instead of taking his grand prize for his own families benefit, he decided help others. We were all so inspired by this act of selflessness the we also wanted to help.” Mr. Lewis was so inspired that he decided Golds Gym Dr Phillips would also make a sizeable web link donation to D.A.D.S. to further help the cause. No one ever thought the popular Facebook contest would yield so much more than just the television for a charity auction. However, this incredible story does not end there.


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